CULTURAL COMPETENCY THE KEY TO LATINO HEALTH POLICY: A COMMENTARY Despite more than three decades of empirical evidence from sociological and anthropological research that clearly shows that culture plays a significant role in the health care decision making process within Latino society, Latino cultural beliefs still remain the least understood among service providers in the[…]

An Open Letter from Undocumented Immigrants-Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform Matters to All of Us

While on a recent trip to the Ellis Island museum, I had an opportunity to reflect on the 12 million immigrants that shaped and continue to define this great nation we call America. I am always disappointed when critics pose the dueling question why do we need Comprehensive Immigration reform? Seldom do I argue with[…]

Why Dean Stavridis from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy Will Not Be Selected As Secretary of State

My Dean is Better Than Trump’s Celebrity Secretary of State Reality Show This year’s presidential election brought about some of the most controversial rhetoric – concluding with, for many voters and political experts, a shocking and unexpected result. It was surprising for everyone to witness that most “experts” provided erroneous predictions. Perhaps the most shocking[…]

What will it take to awaken the sleeping giant? Latino Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election

by  Christopher Neil Doval, Esq. &  Victor Ray Garza, J.D. For a PDF of this publication, click here. In 2012, a record 11.2 million Latinos voted in the presidential election. Despite the record turnout, another 12.1 million eligible Latinos still chose not to vote. The 48% voter turnout rate amongst Latinos is no small feat,[…]

Policy PodCast American Adelante: Latino Leadership and Influence in the U.S. with NAHJ Executive Director Alberto Mendoza

by Cassandra Fradera, Senior Editor for Digital Content The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School invited Harvard students to participate in the conference America Adelante: Latino Leadership and Influence in the U.S. on March 31-April 1, 2016.  Alberto Mendoza, Executive Director of the National Association for Hispanic Journalists addressed the important of Latinos in management position. Only 4%[…]

Policy PodCast Unheard Voices: The Other Side of the Immigration Debate

by Christina Houle, Senior Editor, Digital and Social Media Immigration continues to be a highly debated topic in mainstream politics. The rhetoric, however, rarely reflects the lived experiences of immigrants themselves. Unheard Voices highlighted stories and experiences of immigrants and individuals directly affected by immigration (documented and undocumented) within and near our community. Unheard Voices sought to[…]

HJHP Policy PodCast is Back! Listen to Our Interview with Ruben Diaz

by Camilo Caballero, Senior Editor, Digital In the past, the Bronx was often dismissed by outsiders, largely because of a reputation rooted in the infamous phrase “The Bronx is burning.” But many believe that both the borough and its reputation are changing.  Camilo Caballero, Senior Editor for Digital Content, visited The Bronx to learn directly from The[…]

Young, Brown and In Debt

by Amilcar Guzman This piece was originally published in Huffington Post’s Latino Voices. It has been published here with permission of the author. The original post can be found here. A recent survey from TIAA CREF, one of the leading financial services providers in the United States, indicates that nearly sixty percent of college educated[…]