Policy PodCast American Adelante: Latino Leadership and Influence in the U.S. with NAHJ Executive Director Alberto Mendoza

by Cassandra Fradera, Senior Editor for Digital Content The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School invited Harvard students to participate in the conference America Adelante: Latino Leadership and Influence in the U.S. on March 31-April 1, 2016.  Alberto Mendoza, Executive Director of the National Association for Hispanic Journalists addressed the important of Latinos in management position. Only 4%[…]

Policy PodCast Unheard Voices: The Other Side of the Immigration Debate

by Christina Houle, Senior Editor, Digital and Social Media Immigration continues to be a highly debated topic in mainstream politics. The rhetoric, however, rarely reflects the lived experiences of immigrants themselves. Unheard Voices highlighted stories and experiences of immigrants and individuals directly affected by immigration (documented and undocumented) within and near our community. Unheard Voices sought to[…]

HJHP Policy PodCast is Back! Listen to Our Interview with Ruben Diaz

by Camilo Caballero, Senior Editor, Digital In the past, the Bronx was often dismissed by outsiders, largely because of a reputation rooted in the infamous phrase “The Bronx is burning.” But many believe that both the borough and its reputation are changing.  Camilo Caballero, Senior Editor for Digital Content, visited The Bronx to learn directly from The[…]

Policy PodCast Interview with Governor Mike Huckabee

Most people who have an opinion about Mike Huckabee feel quite strongly about him. He is very popular amongst a wide swath of conservatives voters, especially those who root their political inclinations in their faith. For most progressives in America he seems dangerous, a bit fanatical, and out of touch. They fear what he might do with great power. Regardless of your opinion, I think you’ll see in the interview that he is quite intelligent and articulate. He is quick on his feet, and comfortable in front of a microphone. He doesn’t mind a good back and forth, and that’s good, because I asked him about what he sees in the Latino electorate, the separation between church and state, and the future of the equality movement in America.

Policy PodCast Interview with Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D.

Our guest today, Dr. Raul Ruiz, is no stranger to Harvard. Before he was a Congressman he earned his M.D. at the Harvard Medical School, an MPP at the Kennedy School, and a M.P.H. at the Harvard School of Public Health. In our interview I think you hear elements of each; An ambition for public service that is informed by his experience in medicine. This interview is even a bit of a home coming as Congressman Ruiz is a the Former Editor-in-Chief of our very journal. We hope you enjoy this episode of the policycast.

Policy PodCast Interview with Liz Montoya

Today we are presenting an Interview with Liz Montoya. She is a Washington expert through and through. You can also say she has been a part of building Washington as we know it with over 30 years of Human Resources experience she has been a key leader in hiring and setting personnel policies at the Office of Personnel Management as well as the Department of Energy and Transportation. She has worked closely with the White House as well. We talked to her about hiring practice and what it will take to get more people of color in positions of higher authority in our government.

Policy PodCast Interview with Soledad O’brien

We are back for the Spring semester and excited to share our interview with Soledad O’Brien. Soledad is one of America’s most distinguishable and recognizable journalist. For over 20 years she has reported and anchored television shows on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Aljazeera, and most recently on HBO. She has also won many awards. Including an Emmy and the NAACP President’s Award as well as the Journalist of the Year Award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

Policy PodCast Interview with Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Immigration Reform is unquestionably one of the most important political topics for Latinos in the United States. Our communities endure more deportations, live deeper in the shadows, and suffer most from the patchwork of laws that make up our immigration system. For 20 years no national figure has been more vocal in his support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform than Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

Policy PodCast Interview with Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Eyal Bergman, HJHP Senior Editor   October 25th, 2013 – Welcome to the policy cast of the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy. This year Antonio Villaraigosa stepped down after two terms as the mayor of Los Angeles. In a city where Hispanics have become the predominant ethnic group, making up approximately half of the city’s[…]